In Poland, Trump Asks Whether West Has ‘Will to Survive’

In Poland, Trump Asks Whether West Has ‘Will to Survive’

In Poland, Trump Asks Whether West Has ‘Will to Survive’

In his speech in Warsaw, Mr. Trump said that at the time of terrorism, “the fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive” and specifically mentions NATO’s support.

• At a press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda earlier in the day, Mr. Trump said Russia was likely behind piracy in the 2016 presidential election, repeated a North Korean warning after its missile test And again denounced what he called “false news.”

• Mr Trump’s visit to Europe should result in a high-level meeting with President Vladimir Putin of Russia that could have a significant impact globally and at home. Even the US leader’s aides did not know exactly what he would say when the two met face-to-face.

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• Western European countries had hoped to isolate M. Trump after rejecting the Paris agreement on climate change, but these efforts seem to fail.

In his speech, Trump calls for unity against terrorism.

M. Trump has sent a message Thursday to determine the face of terrorism to the Polish people during a speech at Krasinski place, where a monument recalls the 1944 Warsaw uprising against the Nazis, calling the West to defend in a good fight against extremism.

“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive,” he said, using the same language of life and death as his inaugural speech, which promised a war against the urban crime of “American carnage.”

“Do we trust in our values ​​to defend at all costs? Do we souffons enough for citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization to those who face the subversent and destroy?” – Julie Hirschfeld Davis

Trump demands that Moscow put an end to destabilizing activities.

In the strongest terms he has used up to now, Mr Trump has taken advantage of his speech to urge Russia to end its “disruptive” activities and support “hostile regimes,” including Iran and Syria, to put a Sailing on the day before his meeting with M. Poutine, and said that Poland had agreed to purchase the Patriot anti-missile defense system.

M. Trump made the remarks during a visit in part to indicate his support for a NATO ally against Russian aggression on his eastern flank. And the collective defense principle behind the transatlantic alliance was explicitly carried out, which it refused to do in May when it spoke at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

While M. Trump has mentioned the terrible effect caused by the Nazis in Poland and its already flourishing Jewish population, many of its comments were the invaders of the East. The president said that Joseph Stalin detained his forces outside the city during the uprising, allowing the German forces to kill or Polish partisans who fought in the ruins of the taking of the city.

“The Soviet armed forces stopped and waited,” recalled his applause from the audience and shouts of Polish “Donald Trump” and “Hello Heroes!” The Soviets, he said, “tried to destroy this nation continues to tear their will to survive.” – Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Glenn Thrush

New Nokia Devices Coming This Year, No Tablets Though


New Nokia Devices Coming This Year, No Tablets Though

HMD Global, Finnish company Nokia responsible renewal with Nokia Nokia 3 and 6, have unveiled new information on their projects in the future.

While its main goal for the moment continues to ensure that the two devices mentioned above have their worldwide publication without incident – there are other things on the market.

Global HMD also revealed a number of things that never arrive soon.

To reiterate, global HMD no longer puts most of its efforts into establishing a sufficient pool of already announced devices to deploy globally.

Apart from this, the company revealed that it does not provide any type of Android tablet for the rest of 2017.

At least, this will continue to be the case, while the focus is on the recovery of the imagination of consumers in the smartphone market, according to Pekka Rantala, Director of Marketing, Global HMD.

He also revealed that there were no plans for a Nokia 4, which would logically fall between Nokia and Nokia 3 5 performance and price.

This decision was taken mainly because the number 4 is considered unlucky in Asian countries, where the device would be sold.

However, you may have inadvertently given away that there are at least two smartphones in the works. During his interview with a Finnish publication – related to the source below – Mr.

Rantala said consumers should expect to see new Nokia 3 smartphones before and after the Nokia 6. It is interesting to note that in many respects they could be taken.

First, it could mean a new smartphone that will carry Nokia 6 performance – a real flagship device like the Nokia 9.

If that is the case, the company may also have something below the Nokia 3 in terms of affordability as well.

However, it could also mean that new devices need to be unveiled after the Nokia 6 hit the market, but before Nokia 3 started to make its mark.
However one chooses to value the statements of M. Rantala, it seems that Nokia certainly has something to do. Even though it may not be a new tablet, it could very well be a Nokia 9 that many expect to be manifested in the near future.

However, no official name or specific device left in the interview Mr. Rantala, it is probably best to see that there will be a certain amount of skepticism.

SNES Classic Mini pre-order UPDATE – Amazon deals blow to Super Nintendo Classic fans


SNES Classic Mini pre-order UPDATE – Amazon deals blow to Super Nintendo Classic fans

Nintendo Classic Mini Super Nintendo Edition is sold as hot-water, pre-orders are quickly recovered.

Game, Argos, the official store of Nintendo Ibérica, ShopTo, Muy, Smyths and Amazon UK have sold all the pre-orders SNES Mini on their websites.

And if you put a pre-order on Amazon UK Mini SNES, you should check your email inbox.

Amazon UK has sent emails to customers who have purchased more than one classic Nintendo Mini Super Nintendo Edition.

These customers were notified that their order was retroactively now limited to a single unit.

There were two lists appeared on Amazon UK by SNES Mini Classic.

The first became available shortly after the console was announced on Monday, June 26,

These mini Super Nintendo consoles have cost £ 79.99 and sold in minutes.

The product has been classified again the next day, with the price of the product matched after the official Nintendo Iberian store was installed the SNES Mini 69.99 £.
These two UK Amazon pages have the SNES Mini sold out.

In Amazon UK email that appeared on NeoGAF, the online retailer said the decision was made because of the “change in availability”.

It is unclear which reasoning behind the decision, and whether there is a move to stop resellers or potential due to a possible shortage of stocks of SNES Mini.

A spokesman for Amazon UK has confirmed that that the email was genuine.

However, they have not explained the reasons why these pre-orders have been canceled.

SNES Mini comes with 21 games, including Super Mario World and Star Fox 2 never released.

All retailers in the UK who have opened pre-orders on their website are now sold.

Fans hoping to get a pre-order from SNES Classic Mini will expect retailers such as Tesco Direct or GameSeek to start taking orders sooner.

Nokia and Xiaomi ink patent and equipment deal, Xiaomi buys Nokia patents


Nokia and Xiaomi ink patent and equipment deal, Xiaomi buys Nokia patents

A year after buying 1,500 patents from Microsoft, Xiaomi is digging into the global intellectual property pool once again. Nokia has announced that it has entered into a wide-ranging patent licensing and purchase deal with Xiaomi, the Chinese maker of smartphones, wearables and other hardware, which will also become a customer of Nokia’s for networking equipment.

The deal covers three main areas: Nokia and Xiaomi have inked a cross licensing deal covering cellular standard essential patents; Xiaomi has acquired unspecified patents from Nokia; and Nokia will provide network equipment to Xiaomi and will collaborate on building IP transport solutions. The pair will also consider “further cooperation” in other areas Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

“As a company seeking to deliver more exciting technological innovations to the world, we are excited at the opportunity to work more closely with Nokia in future,” said Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, in a statement. “Xiaomi is committed to building sustainable, long-term partnerships with global technology leaders. Our collaboration with Nokia will enable us to tap on its leadership in building large, high performance networks and formidable strength in software and services, as we seek to create even more remarkable products and services that deliver the best user experience to our Mi fans worldwide.”

We’ve asked, and both Nokia and Xiaomi have declined to provide further detail on which patents Xiaomi has acquired, or any of the financial terms of the deal.

It’s also not clear how and if the Nokia patents are related to those Xiaomi purchased from Microsoft: if you recall, Microsoft and Nokia were once close partners, and then Microsoft acquired Nokia’s handset business, before eventually winding that disastrous venture down.

The news points to a couple of ongoing stories in the technology world. For starters, it’s a mark of how patents and the wielding of them continues to sway larger business movements in the industry.

In May, Nokia and Apple settled a long-running patent dispute that threatened to disrupt Nokia’s wearables business and more. The value of these deals is often not made public, but it is not negligible: documents once revealed that licensing deals between Samsung and Microsoft are worth $1 billion a year.

Another interesting theme in patent disputes lies in how they are used as leverage for bigger business deals.

In the case of Xiaomi and Nokia, Xiaomi will become a customer of Nokia’s for network equipment — specifically “network infrastructure equipment designed to deliver the high capacity, low power requirements expected by large web providers and datacenter operators” and “optical transport solutions for datacenter interconnect, IP Routing based on Nokia’s newly announced FP4 network processor, and a data center fabric solution.”

Longer term, it also opens the door to further collaboration in other areas.

“Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers and we are delighted to have reached an agreement with them,” said Rajeev Suri, President & CEO of Nokia, in a statement. “In addition to welcoming such a prominent global technology company to our family of patent licensees, we look forward to working together on a wide range of strategic projects.”

IoT, notably, has been a focus for both companies. Xiaomi says that its Mi IoT platform now has more than 60 million connected devices on it, with over 8 million daily active connected devices.

Xiaomi was once a much-watched juggernaut in the world of mobile phones, with many wondering if it had what it takes to unseat those who have been at the top of the smartphone game for years now, namely Samsung and Apple.

The fact that Xiaomi is in 30 countries but has never launched direct sales of handsets in the U.S. — focusing instead on accessories and so on, and selling actual devices in China, India and select other markets — has been a hindrance to that bigger potential. So it’s natural to wonder if deals like this could help pave the way for that kind of expansion.

“This is a really significant milestone that will take us further,” a spokesperson. “Sustainable and long term agreements with partners like Nokia lay the ground for global expansion.”

Blizzard Teases New Lore Surrounding Overwatch’s Enigmatic Doomfist


Blizzard Teases New Lore Surrounding Overwatch‘s Enigmatic Doomfist 

An update on the Blizzard general blog adds more details about Doomfist, always suspected of being the next hero of the game.

Regarding the incident maximum security prison classified Helix International Security “the article says,” We can now confirm that what happened was an attack by the organization Heel order to express free man “Doomfist” Akande Ogundimu, better known under the name from

“It began in the early hours of the morning when an unidentified aircraft approached the installation. Security was first reported that the ship had no passengers on board, according to radar scans.

Trade has crossed the line of installing defense systems without incident, leading some to believe that Talon has points within the helix.

The video surveillance component showed a dark and black figure coming out of the machine and down into the prison enclosure.

The unidentified assailant easily surpassed the propeller’s security guards, leaving more than a dozen deaths.

Medical records of victims reveal injuries and degeneration of cells for other related mercenary known as the Reaper incidents, all but confirming the attack as an attack claw.

On the surface, in February, when fans discovered notes in one of the patches of the game that alluded to Doomfist gauntlet that traveled all scattered knowledge the game, fans wanted more or less the existence of the character, refuse to drop the drop -drip-drip-cagey information from Blizzard stops.

Winston killed a Doomfist at some point (the name functions as a title) and Widowmaker once tried to steal the glove. Terry Crews also really wants to express character.

So what exactly does that mean? Doomfist is a hero who will be officially introduced in the coming months? No one knows, but that does not stop fans from speculating and discovering each track connected as to what the final plans are blizzards. The sub-reddit game heats up:

Vatican hospital offers to take in baby Charlie Gard


Vatican hospital offers to take in baby Charlie Gard

A pediatric hospital owned by the Vatican in Rome has offered to look after Charlie Gard for 11 months on Tuesday.

It is an effort to prevent doctors from Great Ormond Street Hospital in London from supporting their lives and allowing their parents to make the decision to do so.

Mariella Enoc, president of the Gesu Bambino Children’s Hospital in the Vatican issued a statement asking the Director of the London Hospital, where Charlie remains “to check the health conditions to finally transfer Charlie to our hospital.”

“We know it’s a lost case, and there seems to be no effective therapy,” Enoc said.

Charlie’s mother, Connie Yates, has been in contact with Enoc, the Baby Jesus press office told CNN.

After this interaction, Enoch contacted the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. Enoch said London hospital was very nice and thanked him for his interest, but confirmed that for legal reasons, Charlie transferring his care would be impossible.

The offer comes after a long legal battle over the fate of Charlie, a terminally ill child who has a rare genetic disease called mitochondrial DNA depletion disease. This leads to a weakening of dysfunction of muscles and organs, among other symptoms, with a poor prognosis for most patients.

His parents, Chris and Connie Gard Yates Charlie want to be released under his care so that he can take him to the United States for an experimental treatment.

But last week, following a series of increased judicial appeals, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the hospital could disrupt life support for the baby, who has been in intensive care since October.

His desperate situation focused the attention of Francisco and US President Donald Trump.

“The national courts have come to the conclusion that it would be legitimate for the hospital to eliminate a life-sustaining treatment since it was likely that Charlie would suffer significant harm if his current sufferings prolongaient without any realistic prospect of improved experimental therapy would be Effective without an advantage, “the court said in a press release.

Life support must be suspended on Friday.

The decision to end Charlie’s life support, contrary to the wishes of the parents, provoked reactions around the world.

On Sunday, the Pope called on the parents to “accompany and treat their children to the end.”

“The Holy Father continues with affection and the emotion of the situation of the little Charlie Gard and expresses his closeness to his parents. He prays for them, hoping that his desire to maintain and care for his own children up to will be respected. Final, “Greg Burke, director of the Holy See Press Office, said in a statement.

The declaration of the hospital of the Child Jesus began with a quote from a tweet Francisco June 30: “The defense of human life, especially when it is harmed by disease, is a duty of love that God gives to all.”

The hospital offered to keep Charlie in intensive care and allow his parents to decide “how to manage” to end their life, including when to stop life support, he said.

“We are close to their parents with our prayers and, if they wish, we are ready to receive their child in our structure, for the time they have left,” the hospital said.

Giant croc had teeth like a T. rex


Giant croc had teeth like a T. rex

The animal was a great predator in Madagascar 170 million years ago, at the time when dinosaurs populated the Earth.

Its huge jaw and sawtooth suggest that, like T. rex, it feeds on hard animal tissues such as bone and tendon.

It seems to be the first and most representative of a group of animals called the nodosus crocodile.

The scientific name of the animal is razanandrongobe sakalavae, which means “giant lizard ancestor of the sakalava region.”

This specialized predator differed from current crocodiles that have a different form of skull and powerful straight legs.

In the open access peerj magazine Cristiano Dal Sasso, Simone Maganuco and his colleagues describe the new skull bone of this massive crocodile – Razana dubbed.

“Based on the preserved bones of the skull, we derived a body shape similar to that of baurusouchides [another type of notosuchia South America] and, therefore, a total length of 7 m – 1.6 m hips – and Weight of 800-1000 kg, “Dr. Dal Sasso, the natural history museum in Milan, Italy, told the BBC.

These dimensions are comparable to those of modern parents Razana: “In fact, an adult seawater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) can reach 7 m in length and weigh up to a ton,” added Mr. Dal Sasso.

Previously, the researchers did not have enough fossil material to classify the species with confidence.

But the new fossils have allowed the Italian team to assign a group called mesoeucrocodyliens razana – answer the remaining questions regarding their relationship with other crocodiles.

The study shows that Razana is by far the oldest representative Noosuke, preparing the other members of this group of 42 million years.

“As these and other gigantic Cretaceous ‘Razana’ fangs could outperform even the theropod dinosaurs, the top of the food chain,” said Dr. Dal Sasso.

In fact, the carnivore can even feed some dinosaurs, who shared the landscape.

Good colleague Simone Maganuco, also from the Museum of Natural History of Milan, said: “Its geographical position during the period in which Madagascar separated from other masses of land is strongly suggested by the endemic lineage.”

At the same time, he said, it represented another sign that southern noosuquios of Gondwana – a former “super-continent” composed of Madagascar, Africa, South America, Australia and other current masses.

Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg U.K. Services Slow as Economy Shows Signs of Losing Momentum


U.K. Services Slow as Economy Shows Signs of Losing Momentum

The dominant services sector in Britain grew at least four months in June, adding that the economy is so weak that Brexit negotiations begin in earnest.

The IHS Markit purchasing managers index fell to 53.4 compared to 53.8 in May, Mark said in London on Wednesday. Economists polled in a Bloomberg News poll had forecast a reading of 53.5, above the 50 level that separates the expansion from the contraction.

The survey follows factory reports and construction of IHS Markit earlier this week that showed that both industries were refreshing. The companies are calling on Prime Minister Theresa May to give priority to the economy in talks to leave the European Union after losing its parliamentary majority in an early election.

Markit Chris Williamson economist at IHS said while three surveys indicate a 0.4% economic growth in the second quarter – double the previous three months – momentum decreases.

“The risks pointing to the economy slowed in the third quarter,” Williamson said. “The overall picture is one of corporate spending, investment and exports had not given enough momentum to fully offset the slowing consumption.”

The report highlights the dilemma of the Bank of England while the pound decline plunged inflation above target, prompting some officials to demand higher interest rates. The majority voted to maintain some record pace last month fearing that the economy is not yet strong enough for a tighter policy.

Other security services are clearly marked since May, and respondents are concerned about Brexit negotiations, the economy and political uncertainty, according to IHS Markit.

Orders from service providers increased at their slowest pace in nine months. Anecdotal evidence indicates that spending has been hampered by soustrauites “and consumer confidence, while national elections on June 8 led some clients to delay decisions, said IHS Markit.

However, the pace of job creation was the fastest since 14 months and some companies have commented on difficulties in recruiting staff, he said.

The services report also showed that higher production costs and higher average prices declined, with “intense competition” hampering it.

Ukrainian Software Firm’s Servers Seized After Cyber Attack


Ukrainian Software Firm’s Servers Seized After Cyber Attack

Kiev, Ukraine – Ukrainian police Saturday seized the servers of an accounting software company that is suspected to spread a malware virus in paralyzed computer systems in the world’s largest companies last week, said a senior official Of the police.

The head of cyber-police Ukraine Serhiy Demedyuk told Reuters that the M.E.DOC servers, the most popular accounting software in Ukraine, had been captured as part of an investigation into the attack.

Although they are still trying to determine who was behind the attack last week, officials from Ukrainian intelligence and security companies reported that some of the initial infections were spread through malicious update published by Médoc, states that The owners of the company deny.

The owners were not immediately available for comment on Tuesday.

.Premium The service was not able to be contacted for comment. Cyber ​​police spokeswoman Yulia Kvitko said more comments would be made Wednesday.

The measure came after cyber-police investigators have uncovered new evidence Tuesday that the attack was planned in advance by highly-skilled hackers who had inserted a vulnerability in the ME Doc program.

Researchers from the Slovak security software firm ESET said they found a “backdoor” in some software upgrades to Médoc, may have access to the company’s source code, which allowed hackers to enter corporate systems not Detected.

“We have identified a very secretive backdoor and the cunning that has been injected by the attackers into one of the legitimate M.E.Doc modules,” Anton Cherepanov, a senior malware researcher, said in a technical note. “It seems highly unlikely that attackers can do without access to the M.E.Doc source code.”

“It was a well planned and well executed operation,” he said.

A computer screen warning that contained computer files for the rescue, part of an international massive cyber attack last week. Oleg Reshetnyak / AP

The virus was exported 35 megabytes of company data for hackers, Reuters was told in an interview at its Kiev office.

“With these 35 megabytes, you can smuggle anything – emails from all banks, user accounts, passwords, anything.”

Ukrainian intelligence officials on Saturday accused Russian security services of being attacked and cyber security investigators have connected to a suspected Russian group that attacked Ukraine’s electricity grid in December.

A Kremlin spokesman has rejected allegations of Russian involvement as “baseless accusations.”

M.E.Doc is little known outside the accounting circles of Ukraine, but is used in 80 percent of companies in Ukraine. The software allows its 400,000 clients to send and collaborate on financial documents between internal departments, and to present them to the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government said on Tuesday it would submit a bill to parliament to extend the tax within the country to July 15 and waive fines for companies that did not reach the threshold of June 13 because of the attack

Amid Gathering Of World Leaders, Trump’s Meeting With Putin Stands Out


Amid Gathering Of World Leaders, Trump’s Meeting With Putin Stands Out

President Trump arrives in Poland on Wednesday afternoon. In the coming days, a G-20 summit will be attended to and will satisfy a wide range of world leaders.

It is likely that none of these meetings will be examined more closely than the first face-to-face meeting Trump with Russian President Vladimir Poutine.

Trump has often said he would like to see a closer rapprochement between the United States and the United States. And Russia. But it was complicated by the interference of Russia in the presidential elections of 2016.

Throughout the campaign, Trump has repeatedly praised Putin as a strong leader, who has often contrasted with President Barack Obama.

“I think in terms of leadership, it puts an A, and our president does not go so well,” Trump told Fox News Bill O’Reilly in 2015.

Now that Trump is up and running, national security adviser HR McMaster says he pursued a two-way approach with Russia in search of areas where the two countries can cooperate while facing the Russians for their misbehavior throughout the world.

It’s a confusing message, and Trump himself has tended to emphasize the cooperative component.

“They are a very powerful nuclear country and we also have it,” Trump told a news conference in February. “If we have a good relationship with Russia, believe me, it’s a good thing, it’s not a bad thing.”

Meanwhile, the Russians have faced left in the hands of others in the administration. After a chemical weapons strike in April by Russia’s Syrian ally, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson complained that relations between the US And Russia had reached a low point. Trump responded by launching a barrage of cruise missiles at a Syrian air base. Tillerson and accused Russia of not implementing the chemical weapons agreement in Syria.

“It is not clear whether Russia has taken this obligation seriously or if Russia was incompetent,” Tillerson told the G-7 foreign ministers. “However, this distinction does not matter much to the dead.”

Russia also continues to generate international criticism over its occupation of the Crimea, its persistent interference in Ukraine and its political interference in the United States. And elsewhere.

“You have seen Russia in Ukraine,” United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on June 28. “You saw me bash Russia in Syria. Russia if we see any kind of irregularities Russia And yes, I think Russia is despised in our elections And yes, I said to the president.

It is this last burden that makes the meeting with Putin Trump particularly heavy. The president continues to challenge the finding of US intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in the US elections to increase their chances of winning. And tightened the FBI director who was studying the possible relations between Russia and the Trump campaign.

A day after the shooting, Russian news agencies have shared photos of a seemingly generous Trump meeting in the Oval Office with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russia’s ambassador to the United States. Sergey Kislyak. This makes this optical meeting particularly important Putin.

“It will not be good for the president to go home if the pictures come out of this meeting a smiling and jovial President Trump doing fasting with President Putin in the same way that you had pictures outside the oval office with President Trump and Sergey Lavrov, “said Steven Pifer, a retired foreign service agent who oversaw Russian affairs for the National Security Council during the Clinton administration.

Many members of Congress want the White House Trump to have a stronger stance in Russia. Last month, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to impose new sanctions on Moscow and make the White House more difficult to deal with existing sanctions.

Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institution said that while Trump wants to build a more cooperative relationship with Putin, political pressure in the United States leaves little room for maneuver.