New Nokia Devices Coming This Year, No Tablets Though


New Nokia Devices Coming This Year, No Tablets Though

HMD Global, Finnish company Nokia responsible renewal with Nokia Nokia 3 and 6, have unveiled new information on their projects in the future.

While its main goal for the moment continues to ensure that the two devices mentioned above have their worldwide publication without incident – there are other things on the market.

Global HMD also revealed a number of things that never arrive soon.

To reiterate, global HMD no longer puts most of its efforts into establishing a sufficient pool of already announced devices to deploy globally.

Apart from this, the company revealed that it does not provide any type of Android tablet for the rest of 2017.

At least, this will continue to be the case, while the focus is on the recovery of the imagination of consumers in the smartphone market, according to Pekka Rantala, Director of Marketing, Global HMD.

He also revealed that there were no plans for a Nokia 4, which would logically fall between Nokia and Nokia 3 5 performance and price.

This decision was taken mainly because the number 4 is considered unlucky in Asian countries, where the device would be sold.

However, you may have inadvertently given away that there are at least two smartphones in the works. During his interview with a Finnish publication – related to the source below – Mr.

Rantala said consumers should expect to see new Nokia 3 smartphones before and after the Nokia 6. It is interesting to note that in many respects they could be taken.

First, it could mean a new smartphone that will carry Nokia 6 performance – a real flagship device like the Nokia 9.

If that is the case, the company may also have something below the Nokia 3 in terms of affordability as well.

However, it could also mean that new devices need to be unveiled after the Nokia 6 hit the market, but before Nokia 3 started to make its mark.
However one chooses to value the statements of M. Rantala, it seems that Nokia certainly has something to do. Even though it may not be a new tablet, it could very well be a Nokia 9 that many expect to be manifested in the near future.

However, no official name or specific device left in the interview Mr. Rantala, it is probably best to see that there will be a certain amount of skepticism.

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