Suresh Prabhu inaugurates Wi-Fi facility at 28 railway stations

Suresh Prabhu inaugurates Wi-Fi facility at 28 railway stations

Suresh Prabhu inaugurates Wi-Fi facility at 28 railway stations

Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu has inaugurated an installation of 28 free wireless railway stations from Konkan.

It also inaugurated the equipment and the improvement of facilities of passengers in the stations Kudal and Chiplun.

Konkan Railway has partnered with broadband service provider and Internet Joister to provide a wireless system in their stations.

“We are launching installed at stations across the country as part of the digital India campaign a free Wi-Fi connection. Google CEO Sundar Pichai also shows interest in this project.

“We are committed to improving and enhancing passenger comfort through the Indian train and believing we would do it,” Prabhu said.

Nikunj Kampani, CMD Joister Infoserve, said: “Through our network, we now open 24/24 Wi-Fi with 2 Mbps and we cover the entrance of the station and its surroundings with unlimited data download.”

A statement issued by Konkan Railway said that, in order to access the free Wi-Fi connection, the user must open Joispot mobile and register using their name and unique telephone number and password (OTP) request.

“Unlimited free Wi-Fi installation will be provided at 28 Kolad stations at MADURE in the initial phase with a speed of 2 Mbps pairs. The system can provide access to approximately 300 users in the larger stations and approximately 100 users in smaller stations “The statement said.

“This facility will help travelers and tourists on the Konkan railway to access critical information and they could use their time productively while waiting for the trains at the stations,” he said.

Prabhu also opened equipment and passenger facilities at Kudal station, which includes the construction of the VIP room, the expansion of platform 1 and 2, among others.

Improvement of passenger facilities at the Chiplun station includes the renovation of the waiting room, an additional conventional 30-meter long shelter on platform 2, additional concrete benches on the platforms, 15 modular shelter on two platforms, one Additional bi-toilet unit on platform 2.

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